The Source of Great Returns

Who: The A Method for Hiring is a good source to understand how to inspire corporate portfolio performance.

Buyouts – November 3, 2008


Q & A With Geoff Smart and Randy Street, ghSMART

Geoff Smart and Randy Street answer questions about Who: The A Method for Hiring.

Dow Jones Private Equity Analyst – October, 2008


How to Hire the Best Talent

Geoff Smart, CEO of management assessment firm ghSMART, discusses Who: The A Method for Hiring, about four important steps employers should take. – October 31, 2008


Another Travesty

If “health care” is a dangerous oxymoron, it is matched, if in a less deadly fashion, by “rigorous interview” in the all-important world of hiring. Mssrs. Smart and Street are said to rip, tear, shred, spindle, mutilate, thrash, and trash the typical prospective employee evaluation process for its shallowness.

Dispatches from the New World of Work – October 30, 2008


Who You Hire Can Cost You – New Book On the Perils

Geoff Smart and Randy Street the authors of “WHO” say the average employment mistake costs a company $1.5 million or more a year and countless wasted hours. – October 30, 2008


The Hard Work of Getting Ahead

Geoff Smart and Randy Street run a firm that helps companies to assess people before they hire or promote them. “Who is your number-one problem. Not what.

The Wall Street Journal – October 29, 2008


Finding the Who

I just finished reading an advance copy of the book Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street, which was officially released today. Wow, it’s good. Really good. – September 30, 2008