Hire and Lead Talented Teams

  1. Calculate your team’s power score.
    Do you have the right priorities? Do you have the right people who are on your team? Do you have the right relationships?
  2. Master the #1 skill in business—hiring talented teams.
    Learn, discuss, practice. Increase your hiring success from 50% to 90%.
  3. Discover useful insights to run your team at full power.
    Amplify your positive impact as a leader, earn more money, and achieve more success.

Keynote Topics

  • Hiring Talented Teams
  • Leading Talented Teams
  • Career Success

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Dr. Geoff Smart

Hire the #1 speaker on the #1 topic in business.

“Geoff Smart is the world expert on hiring talented teams.” – Marshall Goldsmith.
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Randy Street

Randy solves every manager’s #1 problem: making hiring mistakes.

“One of our highest rated speakers ever! Randy delivered incredibly valuable content in an engaging and humorous way. He had so much enthusiasm and energy that one participant called him Jim Carrey, Jr.”
–Richard Humphrey, New York chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization

We guarantee 100% client satisfaction.